My friend Tom thinks it would be great if businesses connect with him when he needs an item or service.

The challenge – How do you connect with businesses among so many,  that will listen to your needs, will not bombard you with sales talk and be competitive in price.

It may be for e.g  someone to do home cleaning, repairs of some kind or good set of furniture.

How would you search for someone who could provide that service or goods without having to spend hours searching online for appropriate provider.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could list your needs and then someone reliable could contact you offering what you want at a price that you are happy with.

Idea is to use the online space to save your selves tons of time, money while in the process creating a community that is needs based and without involving the hard sell that you see all the time in the market place.

We invite you to register your needs,  if it  is new category please drop us line on the comment section to suggest your needs, we will create category to  display your needs on SoNeeded .

Thank you



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