Is it better to renovate an existing house or sell to buy a new home?

What are the options-


Helps to optimise the property’s potential.

One could still live in the same neighbourhood.

Familiarity with the area, no moving costs, not having to pay for RE commissions, closing costs or have the hassle of renegotiating with a bank.

Helps to personalise the home to the needs of the family without moving.

It helps to control the cost. Use the funds where it is needed.

Sell and buy a new home.

Opportunity to buy a house that meets needs of the family.

Opportunity to experience new neighbourhood.

Lower maintenance on the property due to property being new and may be covered by warranty of sorts.

It may closer to work.

Not having to deal with various contractors as is the case of renovations.

However in either case, one factor is critical – buying at the right price.

Whether you buy a do-up or buy a new house, buying at the right price is a powerful strategy that could save home buyer from unexpected financial risk.

Please list your property needs here and take control of your house purchase plan.

Thank you

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