Getting Started

Do you want to post a repair or fixing job for mobility scooter or wheelchair?

When you click the big blue register icon,it will ask you to either register as a service provider (Technician) or a Service User.

We’ve defined Service User as the people who have a repair  job.

We’ve defined a Service Provider as someone who is a mobility scooter and wheelchair repair technician.

What happens next?

Step 1.  Whether you want to list a Job as a User OR bid on a project as a service provider you need to register.

Step 2.   Once you register, you will be provided access to the admin area of your account. You can now list projects in a simple 3 step process as a property owner User OR browse all the available projects for bidding as a service provider ( technician).

It is that simple!

Register to Get Started It’s FREE!

It’s a stress-free, efficient way connecting with service providers.

Helpful TIPS for Home Owners

  • Make sure to add your dollar budget on the project. Even though you can choose the project price range. It is very helpful to the service provider if you can provide a dollar budget when you post the project for bidding.
  • You do NOT have to add your street location for posting a project, but we do recommend that you choose the city or geographical area when posting a project. This way the service providers in your area will be sure to provide an estimate for your project.


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