What is Soneeded.com

Soneeded is easy way of getting your Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair repaired or fixed!

It reduces your stress of searching for quality technicians in your area. We bring them to you. 

You remain in control of hiring suitable technicians with privacy.

Why Soneeded.com

It took a lot of time and efforts when we needed a Mobility Scooter repair for a friend. We searched yellow pages and online for technician, however when we called, few of them were busy, some were out of our area and then ones that were keen…we were not sure if they were reliable and good at their job.  End result – wasted time and effort both for us and the technician.

Our friends and family had similar experiences.

However, when we did manage to get the mobility scooter repaired a great technician, he gave us an insight into issues faced by the technicians i.e most of their time is spent taking calls being either out of area or unrelated.

We started researching for mobility scooter repair service that would have helped us connect with quality technician without wasting time and effort, we found none that would offer convenience to the user.

This motivated us to build Soneeded.com based on ethical principles, all you need is to list your job and have Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair technician call you for the job. This would free the you from having to chase the technicians. No need to call multiple Mobility Scooters and Wheelchair repair technicians and explaining the need. Only the tradesmen who are ready to take on the job will respond quickly and get the job done in a jiffy.  All the negotiation done before hand so no hard-sell by technicians.

Soneeded.com ensures –

Affordable, quality and timely service provided without the hard-sell.

Soneeded helps the Users and technicians to be adequately informed of the job.

Our review system allows the users of the service to rate the technicians to help others to make a better choices. Soneeded allows review of the technician’s quality of work, timeliness and pricing.

Soneeded ensures privacy of your information.Cuts down on time to hunt for technicians. Saves time, effort and money.


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